Candace Jones

University of Edinburgh

Candace Jones is the Chair of Global Creative Enterprise at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Her research interests include creative industries and professional services from the lenses of networks, vocabularies, institutional logics, and materiality. She has published in Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Annals, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organization Science, Organization Studies and Poetics. She co-edited the Oxford Handbook of Creative Industries. She is on the Editorial Review Boards of Academy of Management Review, Journal of Professions and Organization, Organization Science and Organization Studies. She is currently Past Division Chair for Organization and Management Theory Division, Academy of Management. She has co-convened the Creative Industries subtheme at EGOS with Silviya Velikova Svejenova since 2002. With Eva Boxenbaum, Renate Meyer and Silviya Svejenova, she was awarded a grant of $797,529 to study “The Impact of Material Artifacts and Visual Representations on the Institutionalization of Innovations” by the Danish Council for Independent Research.

PLACES: Session 1

Edinburgh: novelty and marginality at the center

The Edinburgh festivals have become world reknown and precipitated a series of imitative festivals, especially “Fringe” festivals around the world. What is less well understood is that the Fringe festival, which highlights new acts and marginal actors, evolved and works well because of its contrast and co-occurrence with the original founding festival-Edinburgh International Festival, which […]

PLACES: Session 1