Richard Shearmur

McGill University, Montreal

Richard Shearmur is an economic geographer and urban planner, currently director of McGill’s School of Urban Planning. His work focusses on the geographic location of economic processes, whether innovation, employment or economic growth. His recent books include the Handbook on the Geographies of Innovation (2016, Edward Elgar,  with D.Doloreux and C.Carrincazeaux) and L’Innovation Municipale (2019, Presses de l’Université de Montréal, with G.Beaudet). He has published extensively on the geography of innovation, intra-metropolitan employment location, and regional development. He is currently researching the new locations of work activities within metropolitan areas, processes of innovation within municipal organizations, and the geographies of innovation processes.


PLACES: Session 1

Innovation in the geographic periphery: optics and relationships

Amongst urban and economic geographers the accepted wisdom has been that innovation and creativity blossom in cities because of their density, diversity, cultural openness and global connections. The corollary of this belief is that innovation and creativity cannot flourish in peripheral or small town locations. Empirical observation does not support these straightforward claims: innovation and […]

PLACES: Session 1