Stoyan V. Sgourev

ESSEC Business School, Paris

Stoyan V. Sgourev received his PhD in Sociology from Stanford University and is currently Professor of Management at ESSEC Business School – Paris. His research interests include network dynamics and market construction in historical perspective and practices of innovation and evaluation in the creative industries. His work is featured in the American Sociological Review, Academy of Management Journal and Organization Science, among others. He is an art collector and recently organized an exhibition of his personal collection of prints and drawings.


PLACES: Session 2

An upheaval in the north: when ideas at the core are radicalized at the periphery

Conflicting theoretical perspectives present radical innovation as originating either from the core or the periphery of a system. Inverting the established tendency of “tempering” of innovation in moving from the periphery to the core, this paper describes a process where ideas from the core are radicalized on the periphery. This approach realigns the primacy of […]

PLACES: Session 2